AI & Legal Consultancy:

We provide traditional legal advise for our clients using or developing AI powered solutions in matters like data protection issues, IT related licences, medical law compliance, EU law questions, and in M&A transactions.

Ethics AI design:

We support developers in complying with the law when designing ethical AI solutions. We help you to set up documentation of explainable AI. Ask our consultancy services to audit legal requirements in data privacy, product liability, and responsible development.

LegalTech Consultancy:

Support the legal transformation of in-house legal departments or advise law offices on how to use technology and comply with the law. We help you to get connected to the Global LegalTech network.

HealthTech Consultancy:

Being a specialist in medical law, we support teams to create documentation to develop ethically designed AI solutions that are transparent, explainable, and interpretable. We offer legal advice on data protection issues related to sensitive health data control and process. We help start-ups to get connected to the Global HealthTech network.

Start-up legal support:

We deliver you legal advise on how to start up a company and manage your organization, tell you how to comply with the legal requirements, how to find VC to invest in your idea or company, and how to exit.